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Laser Company Profile

Workshop of Photonics is all about ultrashort pulsed laser micromachining.

We develop instruments and solutions for ultrashort laser micromachining tasks. From feasibility studies to laser micromachining workstations and state of the art technological solutions. Our products and services are targeted to both industrial and academic customers.

Workshop of Photonics key competencies:
  • Feasibility studies on ultrashort laser micromachining
  • Development of custom laser micromachining workstations and optical modules
  • Laser system automation software
  • Small scale production (job shop) in the area of laser micromachining

Since 2003 we have been carrying out extensive research in the field of ultrashort laser micromachining. By now we have gained significant knowledge in developing of laser micromachining workstations and optimizing femtosecond laser processes for unique tasks. Our growth is fueled by culture of open innovation and partnership with the local laser sector companies and worldwide partners. Workshop of Photonics is constantly involved in projects connecting scientific inventions with the market needs.

Contact us for all your questions about laser micromachining or a problem you want to solve. 

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