Workshop of Photonics (UAB Altechna R&D) and UAB MGF Light Conversion has started a new joint project called „ Creation of the optical module integrated with the femtosecond laser to be used in the laser micromachining workstation (FEMTOMODULIS)“. UAB Altechna R&D has brought its knowledge of experimental research and applications in the field of laser radiation interaction with transparent materials together with UAB MGF Light Conversion, who is experienced in the design and application of laser systems and parametric light amplifiers. The aim of this project is to create three new products worldwide for a precise laser micro-machining of semiconductors and dielectric materials:

1) Integrated laser micromachining system, combining a femtosecond laser system and an optical module for laser micro-machining;
2) The new generation femtosecond laser system suitable for industrial processes;
3) A new optical element – specially designed space-variant waveplate.

Project No. „J05-LVPA-K-01-0192“ is co-financed from European Union Structural funds.