The company “Altechna R&D” is the manufacturer of laser micromachining equipment and innovative solutions provider for industrial and academic customers in scope of laser micromachining processes. To remain competitive, the company lacks internal resources necessary for efficient R&D development. Therefore, it is important to encourage an international partnership in R&D sector and strive to exploit the opportunities created by European Union initiatives (programs).

The aim of this project is to establish international partnerships while participating in international EU R&D initiatives of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

During the InnoConnect project it is planned to participate at 5 international events.

Taking part in international R&D initiative events, organized by EEN organizations, it is expected to find new partners for a joint participation in a particular – single or several – international EU R&D programs (SME Instrument, Horizon2020, Eureka, Eurostars, etc.).

It is expected that active participation will allow signing at least one agreement – legally binding contract/agreement, obliging applicant and the international partner to work together and submit applications for international R&D sector initiatives (programs).

The project is funded by European regional development fund.