3D Additive Manufacturing of Custom Structures

  • 3D additive manufacturing structure
    Freeform 3D object
  • Micron scale cat
  • 3D additive manufacturing arbitrary shaped figures
    Arbitrary shaped structures
  • 3D additive manufacturing hexagonal figures
    Hexagonal object
  • 3D additive manufacturing
    Freeform 3D object
  • 3D additive manufacturing Precision_and_Controllable_Self_Polymerization_01
    Microthread <90 nm thick

3D additive manufacturing, or multiphoton polymerization (MPP) is a unique technology for 3D structuring of micron scale objects with nanometer precision developed with Vilnius University Laser Research Center.

3D additive manufacturing features:
  • Writing resolution: 200 nm – 10 μm
  • Variety of polymers available
  • Fabrication of complex 3D objects
  • Repeatability and stable workflow
  • Precise control of self-polymerization

For more information download detailed description of 3D additive manufacturing.

Pictures of structures provided by courtesy of Mangirdas Malinauskas, Vilnius University Laser Research Center.
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