Glass Processing

Workshop of Photonics accumulated an extensive experience in glass and various brittle materials ultrashort pulse laser micromachining for industry-compliant services.

Laser cutting (scribing) process is optimized for each type of glass that is used. We can process up 1.5 mm thickness glass (thicker under the demand) and perform straight and curved cuts. We can meet the exact specifications for a variety of industries, being able to use wet etching assisted process if minimal feature size is required.

  • Cut surface roughness Ra<1μm, processed parts are smooth
  • Minimal or no post-processing is needed
  • Low chipping <20 μm is achieved for most materials
  • No debris on back and front surface
High throughput and yield glass processing services are perfect for small-scale production services.

Our processes can be easily customised for different types of glass, being a number one solution available in today’s market to meet your unique needs. If you have any questions about our glass processing services, please feel free to contact our expert team today.

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