Glass Processing

For the glass becoming a demanding material, Workshop of Photonics offers exceptional expertise in glass processing.

Glass processing techniques are the major WOP strength. Over ten years of intensive research in glass machining ensures ultra-high precision and quality on various types of glasses, small feature sizes, and high aspect ratios unachievable with alternative technologies.


  • Variety of glasses and major suppliers – Corning, Schott, Hoya, AGC
  • Wafer size – up to 200 mm x 200 mm (8”)
  • Wafer thickness – from 30 µm to 10 mm
  • Round, square and other shapes through holes
  • Straight hole cross-section | no taper
  • ≤10 μm chipping > typ. none
  • Smooth sidewalls, Ra<1 μm
  • Typical min. hole size 20 µm (round)
  • ±3 µm positional accuracy
  • No debris on the back and front surface
  • No sagging around holes
  • Aspect ratio up to 1:100
  • High throughput and yield
  • Ability to work with metalized glasses (e.g. Au, Pt, Ni, Cr, Mo)
  • Minimal or no post-processing is needed


  • Sensors (image, pressure, gal acceleration and other)
  • Advanced packaging applications
  • Semiconductors and other functional devices
  • MEMS
  • Wafer-level optics
  • Gyroscopes
  • Aerospace applications
  • Analytical chips