Laser Cutting (Dicing) of Sapphire Glass

  • Laser Cutting of sapphire_thickness_0,325mm_topview
    Sapphire 325 µm thick
    Top view after breaking. No cracks. Round cut process
  • Laser Cutting of sapphire_thichness_0,1mm_sideview
    Sapphire 100 µm thick
    Side view after breaking
  • Laser Cutting of Sapphire
    Sapphire 750 µm thick
    Side view after breaking

Laser cutting (scribing) process is optimized for each type of sapphire that is used. Processing window is quite wide and can be set up easily.

Laser cutting of sapphire features:
  • Straight and round cut trajectories
  • Thickness of sapphire from 100 μm to 760 μm
  • Cutting speed 200 mm/s or faster
  • Cut surface roughness Ra<1μm
  • Easy to break after processing
  • Smooth edges: minimal or no post-processing needed
  • No visible cracks or collateral damage near cut line

Different processing parameters might be developed for specific inquiries.

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