Laser Micro Drilling of Various Materials

  • Laser micro drilling
    Matrix of holes in glass
  • Through Glass Via TGV_B_02
    Matrix of holes in sapphire

Laser micro drilling enables machining of holes with controlled taper in various materials at high drilling speed, good surface quality and a wide range of diameters. Tested materials: polyimide, ruby, sapphire, Schott AF32 glass, soda-lime glass, fused silica, various steels, molybdenum alloy, hard ceramics, etc.

Laser micro drilling features:
  • Positive, zero, negative taper available
  • Depth to diameter ratio up to 8:1 demonstrated
  • Hole diameter: 30 – 60 μm
  • Good bottom and sidewall quality of drilled wells
  • Taper angle: < 3 deg
  • Controlled geometry of wells, holes

Different processing parameters might be developed for specific inquiries.

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