Laser Process Development


Most of laser micromachining applications are not as straightforward as for example marking. Most of them require development that takes weeks and even months. In order to build a laser process, which produces required results, not only different laser parameters have to be tested, but also various beam shaping and focussing solutions.

Challenges for laser process development:
  • Burning effect is undesirable while processing heat sensitive materials
  • Cracks or any other damage is undesirable while processing fragile materials
  • To much debris, contamination on the surface
  • Complex 3D shapes need to be engraved
  • Several layers, some of which need to remain intact
  • Speed of processing
  • Reliability and repeatability of each operation
Laser process development contains following steps:
  • Testing of different wavelengths in order to explore light-material interaction
  • Testing of different focusing conditions
  • Selecting and testing most suitable positioning solution
  • Determining what is required for repeatability and required speed of process
  • Optimizing software functionality for convenient process control

Every customer is welcome to contact us with specific micromachining tasks. We are committed to develop a micromachining process. If a task is more demanding, we are ready to involve our academic partners in search of a solution.

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