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Machine Tool Industry

  • Steel Foil Micro-Drilling

    • High speed laser processing
    • No melting
    • Holes diameter in micrometer range

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  • Selective Metal Ablation

    • Ablation from various surfaces
    • High accuracy
    • Precise control of geometry and depth of the ablated area

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  • Ruby Drilling

    • Precise control of hole geometry, diameter and taper angle
    • High processing speed
    • No cracks or burning effects

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  • Micro-Holes Drilling in Metals

    • Material: special steel (e.g. used for fuel nozzles), other
    • Precise control of taper angle
    • Variable geometry

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  • Metal Surface Texturing

    • Materials: cast iron, other
    • Metal surface texturing with micron scale holes and grooves
    • Minimum heat affected zone

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  • Metal Surface Structuring

    • Materials: steel, cast iron, other
    • 3D structures formed
    • High precision and smoothness of the surface achieved

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  • Laser Marking of Metals

    • High contrast and durability
    • Colourful structures available
    • No melting, burning effects, or cracking near markings

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  • Ablation of PCD

    • No melting, burning effects, or crackings near ablated area
    • Precise control of depth and geometry
    • Micron resolution

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