Flat Axicon | Circular Grating

Flat Axicon| Circular Grating is a space-variant retarder that transforms Gaussian beam into a Bessel-Gauss beam.

  • Positive and negative Bessel-Gauss zones - 3 in 1 usage possibilities.
  • Suitable for high LIDT applications and high-power lasers.
  • Flat optics - saves space, easy to handle.
  • Reliable and resistant surface - the structure is inside the bulk.
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Circular grating (a.k.a flat axicon) is a space-variant retarder that transforms Gaussian beam into a Bessel-Gauss beam.

The product is leading for its high damage threshold, comparing to alternative devices.  It has laser irradiation resistance similar to uncoated fused silica substrates.

The structure of the element is unique due to formation birefringent nanograting’s inside a bulk of fused silica glass, sensitive to the incident polarization.
Flat axicon can generate both – positive and negative Bessel-Gauss zones, separately with LHCP and RHCP polarizations. Also, positive and negative zones simultaneously with linear polarization. The working regime depends only on incident polarization.

  • Material: UVFS, IRFS
  • Wavelength range: 330nm to 2000 nm
  • Min Apex angle: 176-179.9° @1030 nm
  • Diffraction efficiency: up to 95%
  • Element size: up to 15 mm
  • Coating (optional): AR/AR coating
  • Uncertainty of diameter of cone tip – ~20 µm
  • LIDT | High damage threshold: 63 J/cm2 @1064 mn, 10ns; 2 J/cm2 @1030 nm, 212fs
  • Transmission (no AR coating): 85% @343 nm, 92% @515 nm, 94% @1030 n
  • Micromachining
  • Ultra-high aspect ratio micro holes drilling
  • High 90% efficiency Bragg gratings
  • Cutting of transparent materials

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